AWS Micro Instance WordPress Tuning

Recently I registered a new domain,, for the purpose of testing AWS using the 12 month free tier offer. That gives you 750 hours per month to run a micro server, 1GB RAM, 8GB hard drive and 1 vCPU basically for free for a year. What’s not to like about that?! After the 12 months, each micro server is $0.012 per hour, that’s cheaper than a lot of web hosting and you get a dedicated server.

After spinning up my little VM with a CentOS 7 image I installed:

  • Apache with all the wordpress pre-requisites
  • MariaDB

Poor Performance and Pending Tasks in Satellite 6.1

We recently installed a new Satellite 6.1 server on VMWare to replace our older physical Satellite server. On our VMWare engineer’s recommendation we configure the VM with 2 cores and 8GB of RAM, a bit under what RedHat calls for. This is from the Red Hat Satellite 6.1 Installation Guide:

Red Hat Satellite requires a networked base system with the following minimum specifications:
64-bit architecture
The latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server or 7 Server
A minimum of two CPU cores, but four CPU cores are recommended.
A minimum of 12 GB memory but ideally 16 GB of memory for each instance of Satellite. A minimum of 4 GB of swap space is recommended.

Scheduling TSM VMware Backups

UPDATE: I got some feedback that some people are not clear on creating multiple schedulers, so I’m updating this post.

Since I wrote about doing TSM Full-VM Image Backups With VStore API I’ve done more testing, and have put it into “production” with our smaller VMWare cluster. This cluster is managed by one department inside IT. It has some VMs used by customers inside the enterprise, some VMs used for development or testing, and some VMs used by the group inside IS. Now that I’m ready to put VMWare backups into practice, I need to schedule the backups. And, I got some great feedback on the first post, so I thought I would follow it up.

Why I hate the HTC Evo

The HTC Evo on Sprint is a nice phone. Big screen, fast processor, a fast network, and so on…. but I hate it.

I have both the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment. The Hero is a nice phone, the sense UI is cool, but it’s a little buggy and it mystery dials random contacts on it’s own. The Moment is okay. It’s fairly fast, but the UI is still sluggish sometimes. The screen is really nice, though. But, it’s flaky if the GPS is running, and reboots or crashes on it’s own randomly once in a while.

First chicken tractor completed!

I’ve decided to get into backyard chickens.  A friend from work has gotten WAY into raising his own chickens, and I thought it sounded like a cool way to get slightly more “green” and self-sufficient.  The chickens can eat lots of household kitchen waste, and provide healthy and tasty organic eggs.

I went with plans from Catawba Coops.  The plans cost $20 and you get the plans, a booklet about convincing your neighbors and local government that chickens are good, and a Google SketchUp file of the coop in various stages of completion.

St. Ignace 2009 – PICS

Went to the St. Ignace car show this year. Turnout was pretty good. I hadn’t been in a couple of years, but I think the turnout was slightly up this year. I saw a lot of the same cars as previous years, but there were some new ones too. John Schneider, Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazard TV show, was there. Got some free stuff courtesy of the Kewadin Casino, and got a free bag from Hagerty Insurance, who I will have to call about insurance on Dad’s 1969 Triumph.